I finally found my home. Where else can a 46 year-old start over in a new career and double their standard of living at the same time

- Doug Gammon, Richmond, VA

Rich Young

Palm Coast, FL

The initial reason I joined Family Heritage was the incredible financial opportunity.  I have made a considerable income in the time I have been here, been on phenomenal trips to very exotic locations and have built a substantial residual income.  However as time has gone by the primary reason I enjoy this business is the ability to serve and help others.  To watch someone achieve financial security through working with us and know that you had an influence in helping them and their families enjoy a tremendous lifestyle is far more rewarding than the income.  It is a family atmosphere and I truly enjoy the relationships this business has allowed me to develop.  There is no place like Family Heritage.  It is a once in a lifetime career path!

Tim VanSumeren

Tifton, GA

How many people can say that they work with their best friends? Talk to anyone in Family Heritage and I would bet the vast majority would say, "Well yeah, I do work with the people I care most about!"...The fact of the matter is, people stick in this business not only for the money, or the residual insome, or the company stock...not specifically because of the amazing trips and fabulous places we get to visit, but a great deal of the longevity revolves around the long-term relationships that have been built...I could not imagine there is a better place to settle into for a long term career.

Liz Miedema

San Diego, CA

Before coming to Family Heritage, I worked in sales for 6 years with Southwestern Advantage selling educational products door to door. Upon leaving Southwestern, I knew I wanted to work with a company that had a culture focused on growth and serving others. The leadership and management is unlike any other company; working with people that not only want to help you succeed but will go the extra mile to help you is humbling and encouraging. Similarly, the ability to have an life changing impact on others, empowering them to serve others, believe in themselves, all while creating financial independence truly rewarding. I was a little hesitant at first of “selling insurance,” but quickly learned that I don’t just sell insurance. Everyday I go to work I have the opportunity to change someones life just by talking to them, hearing their story and offering their family the financial protection and peace of mind; while personally providing the best customer service and truly serving them.

Brian Dunn

Union, SC

No, never, not in your wildest dreams! That  would have been my answers to anyone who would have asked me to sell insurance 5 years ago. This doesn't happen to often but I'm so glad that I was wrong. Five years ago I could never have seen me in this industry and now I couldn't imagine me doing anything else.   
I want to thank Family Heritage for giving my family and I the lifestyle that I thought I only could dream about.

Rachel Hutchinson

Philadelphia, PA

All I can say is that I am extremely blessed to have a career where I can not only impact others, but also grow personally each and everyday. Not too many people get to truly control their destiny, but we do here. I work with some of the most charismatic and compassionate people on the planet, and everyone is there to help one another. We all work in this business for one common goal, protecting families and serving our clients.  Like most people, I never once imagined myself working in insurance. Once I learned what the products do and how they help people, it was an easy decision to come to work with this amazing team.

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